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Clean Technology: 2008's hottest topic

Clean Technology has been 2008's hottest topic, and Israel, scoring highly in technology and innovation was quick to join the race.

Since 2004 Israel saw a dramatic 300% increase in Cleantech
investments, and an ever rising number of companies joining the

d&a's researchers and analysts unveil Israel's impressive Clean Technology developments in our exclusive "Israel Clean Technology Report 2008", covering Cleantech Investments, Start Ups, Academia, Government Regulation and more.

The report is built up of three parts.

1. An In depth analysis of the Israeli Cleantech industry

2. Three Visual Industry Maps - mapping 3 of the industry's hottest topics; Water, Energy and Environmental Technologies

  1. 3. A detailed index (including company name, solution, website, e-mail, address, phone and fax) of all the companies within the industry

The report offers an invaluable list of all of the companies involved in the Cleantech Industry, outlining their solutions, contact details and a link visualizing their position in the Clean Technology Visual Industry Map (download a sample of the report ).

The Visual Industry Maps are d&a's trademark. These maps visually present the entire industry in an intuitive and clear manner. The report offers three maps, each one dedicated to a different sector (Water, Energy and Environmental Technologies). The maps present all of the companies operating within these sectors, outlining their solutions with a link to their perspective website.

This report is a our continued effort to further Israel's leadership in the Clean Tech industry. Having already developed an all inclusive Clean Tech Portal, in collaboration with Ernst & Young, Cleantech Ventures and Morrison and Forester. This Portal offers information about any upcoming events, reports, new companies as well as outlining all of the solutions offered by Israel's Cleantech Industry.

To learn more about Israel’s impressive Clean Technology industry click here to buy your own copy of the report.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Israel Life Sciences

d&a has created and designed the 2006-2007 ISRAEL LIFE SCIENCES tech-knowledge map. The map depicts the following key Life Sciences industries:

Medical Devices
Healthcare IT

The ISRAEL Life Sciences tech-knowledge map is based on the LightSpeedAnalyst mapping methodology, enabling viewers to visually comprehend and analyze the array of leading players in a specific technology field.

View some interesting Israeli companies, divided into fields of specialty:

Medical Devices & Healthcare

Healthcare IT
Electronic Patient Records
dbMotion is a provider of healthcare information integration software that facilitates interoperability and Health Information Exchange (HIE) for health information networks and integrated healthcare delivery systems.

Imaging & Ultrasound
G.I. VIEW is engaged in the development of highly advanced endoscopic devices for viewing the gastrointestinal tract.

Image Guided Surgery
Super Dimension
superDimension develops minimally-invasive diagnosis and treatment of lung disease (i.e. cancer, emphysema) via CT-guided bronchooscopy.

Spectrum Dynamics
Spectrum Dynamics is a medical device company specializing in the development and implementation of molecular functional imaging technology, accessories and applications.

Deep Breeze
Deep Breeze is a medical device company that designs, develops and manufactures an imaging modality for pulmonology.

Invasive Therapy
Ventor Technologies
Ventor develops valve prosthesis solutions for catheter-based, beating heart implantation in patients with valvular disease.

Tissue Closure
NiTi Medical Technologies provides surgical devices for gastrointestinal diseases such as cancer and obesity for which intestinal resection and anastomosis are indicated.

Ovalum develops products for the minimally invasive cardiology and interventional radiology markets based on its channel propagation technology.

Remon Medical Technologies
Remon develops smart, miniature implants which enable physicians to assess and treat a variety of medical conditions in a non-invasive manner.

Glucon is a medical device company focusing on the future of glycemic control.

Card Guard
Card Guard focuses on healthcare technologies and solutions, specializing in advanced telehealth systems and monitoring services for high-risk and chronically ill patients, ordinary consumers of health products, and the worried well.

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical


NST (Neuro Survival Technologies)
NST is a clinical stage molecular imaging and drug development company, focused on the introduction of novel agents based on the identification and targeting of cells undergoing apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Drug Research
Drug Discovery
Quark Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company. Through a combination of gene silencing and DNA microarray technology, Quark has pioneered its BiFARTM platform for high-throughput functional profiling, allowing advances in the identification of target genes and proteins. Quark development efforts are focused on treatment of fibrotic and ischemic diseases of the eye, kidney and lungs, in indications with clear unmet medical needs.

Proteomics & Glycomics
Procognia helps develop a fuller understanding of proteins as targets and as therapeutics. Utilizing technologies based around proteins arrays, the company provides both the means for unraveling disease mechanisms and the discovery and development of drugs to treat those diseases. Procognia uses protein arrays to understand the function of proteins and their post-translational modifications, particularly glycosylation.

Cell & Gene Therapy - - > Cancer & Infectious Diseases
Gamida Cell develops cell therapies based on expanded stem cellsfor the treatment of such illnesses as blood cancers, cardiac disease and neurological disorders.

Vascular Biogenics (VBL)
Vascular Biogenics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel treatments for pathologies in which vascular biology plays a critical role.

Chemical - - > Dermatology
MediWound develops the Debrase Gel Dressing - a debriding agent that swiftly and selectively removes the eschar layer from burn tissue by means of enzymatic action.

Immunology - - > Cancer
CureTech is a biotechnology company focused on the research, development and commercialization of novel broad-spectrum immune modulating products for the treatment and control of cancer.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Zealand ICT Technology Capability Map

Based on its LightSpeedAnalyst mapping methodology, d&a has created a mapping of New Zealand's ICT (Information & Communication Technology) arena for the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise.

The New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is the New Zealand government's national economic development agency. Through the NZTE's network of offices worldwide, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise aims to grow New Zealand's economy by boosting the capability of businesses and regions and facilitating their sustainable and profitable participation in overseas markets.

The NZTE ICT Technology Capability Map covers the following industries:
Transport & Logistics
The industries covered by the ICT map are widely regarded as areas in which New Zealand companies have a competitive edge. The capability map represents over 300 New Zealand companies, and aims to showcase the "best and brightest" ICT companies working in these sub-sectors.
To view the online ICT map, click here.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Israel's CleanTech Market: Highlights

With an outstanding track record in innovative technologies and highly skilled workers, Israel is widely considered one of the leading markets for investing. Nowadays, the growing CleanTech industry in Israel is attracting mounting attention and increasing awareness. Israel already has some successes in the CleanTech industry as well as some promising companies. Investment interests and opportunities are naturally growing and it seems there are more and more prospects for new and promising investments to be made. More information you can find in Israel Renewable & Alternative Energy Report.

Note: The Report has been refined and updated! Check it out - Israel Clean Technology Report 2008

10 Points You Should Know About Israel's CleanTech Industry

Definition – CleanTech is an interdisciplinary industry focusing on preserving the earth's resources – energy, water and air.

Companies – There are 320 companies in Israel that can be defined as specializing in the CleanTech field.

Water – Water is the largest industry in Israel. There are approximately 220 companies that focus on the water industry. The scope of water technologies exports in Israel this year will stand on 1.2 billion dollars.

The largest company in the water field – The largest company in Israel focusing on water is Netafim. The scope of sales this year will exceed half a billion dollars.

The largest company in the energy field - The largest company in Israel focusing on alternative energy is Ormat. Ormat's sales will reach 300 million dollars this year.

Growth – The fastest growing CleanTech company in Israel is Solel. The company's sales will reach between 80-100 million dollars in 2007, in comparison to 3 million dollars last year.

Investments – In the last two years, over 300 million dollars were invested in the CleanTech industry. The largest investment was made in Netafim.

"Hottest" fields – The "hottest" fields in Israel are water purification and solar energy.

Initiatives – In the last two years, over 13 investment bodies were established in the CleanTech industry; of them 4 incubators.

Biodiesel – Israeli companies have implemented investments worth 200 million dollars in the Biodiesel field.
For more information about Israel Renewable & Alternative Energy please click here.

Explore Israel's Hi-Tech World in Chinese


光速分析家LSA( 是 d&a 公司的在线绘图定位/导航应用,提供研究成果和及时追踪,使用户能够 :
· 在他们的商业生态系统中搜索和定位高科技公司和/或科技
· 简易地浏览和理解行业的总体情况
· 与同领域的同行分享重要信息

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CleanTech Israel

The Renewable and Alternative Energy Conference was held at the David InterContinental Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 8, 2006. The event was part of the Israeli Prime Minister's Conference's Event and attracted both Israeli and worldwide senior speakers and guests.

The event examined the current energy situation, trends and market drivers, and highlighted opportunities and promising Israeli companies in the industry. It also explored ways to boost Israel's participation in the growing Alternative/Renewable Energy economy.

Israel has over 100 companies that are engaged in developing technologies in the Alternative and Renewable Energy arena.More Information about Israel Cleantech you can find here

d&a has created and designed the 2006 ISRAEL RENEWABLE AND ALTERNATIVE ENERGY tech-knowledge map for the Renewable and Alternative Energy Conference. The map covers Israeli researchers focusing on solar energy and non-solar energy, as well as Israeli companies specializing in efficiency energy consumption and alternative energy technologies.

The tech-knowledge map is based on the LightSpeedAnalyst mapping methodology, enabling viewers to visually comprehend and analyze the array of leading players in a specific technology field.

View some interesting Israeli companies, divided into fields of specialty:

Monitoring Systems
Red Herring listed among its Top 10 Private Cleantech Companies the following two companies:

SATEC develops electrical power instruments, manufacturing digital power-meters and power quality analysis equipment. The company supplies instruments to power utility companies and process industries, including electronics and petroleum companies. SATEC also appears on our Industrial Technologies map.

Comverge supplies the solution platforms that innovate energy management. The company powers information infrastructures with its PowerCamp software suite to meet the needs of energy suppliers. The company also appears on our Enterprise Software map.

Geothermal Energy Production
ORMAT specializes in the development and manufacture of power systems. ORMAT Energy Converter (OEC) units, combined into modular power plants with a capacity of 200 kW to 130 MW, use locally available heat sources, including geothermal energy (steam and hot water), recovered energy generation, biomass and solar energy.

Non Perishable Materials
Levgum develops a rubber devulcanization technology, turning rubber recycling into a commercially viable, environmentally clean enterprise.

Wind & Air Energy Production
Sharav Sluices
Sharav Sluices develops a technology to produce renewable electric power from dry air in very large quantities and at low cost, along with water desalinization at approximately half the cost of current methods.

Water Treatment
Amiad Filtration Systems
Amiad is a manufacturer of water filtration solutions for all filtration requirements. Amiad serves the irrigation, industrial, and municipal markets.

Cima NanoTech
Cima NanoTech manufactures nanomaterial-based products for use in electronics applications. These products include conductive inks and pastes for inkjet and conventional printing of electronics. The company's technologies can achieve high conductivity and help improve overall performance, both of the circuits and the systems in which they are employed.

A.H.T (Advanced Heating Technologies)
Advanced Heating Technologies specializes in the development of technologies and applications in the fields of heating and fusion. AHT develops technologies related to amorphous and nanocrystalline materials through which materials are transformed into a solid state using thermal shock while still maintaining their non-crystalline structure. The process results in materials with superior magnetic, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties. AHT's technology can be applied to under-carpet heating elements, space heaters, fans, electric kettles, and similar devices.

Energy Nano Processor
Energy Nano Processor (ENP) develops critical components for the improvement of direct methanol fuel cells (DM-FC). The company develops a new type of electrode that will provide functional and cost superiority.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Telecom Israel

The Telecom Israel 2006 Exhibition will take place between November 6-8, 2006 at the Tel-Aviv Fairgrounds. In Telecom Israel 2006, the Israeli telecom industry will introduce its most recent innovations to the international telecom community.

Israel is acknowledged as a technological innovator; a major share of local service providers, networks and applications was designed and produced by Israeli companies.

d&a has created and designed the 2006-2007 ISRAEL TELECOM tech-knowledge map for the Telecom Israel 2006 Event. The map depicts 4 key Telecom industries:

Digital Entertainment
Telecom Equipment
Home Networking
Mobile Communications

The ISRAEL TELECOM tech-knowledge map is based on the LightSpeedAnalyst mapping methodology, enabling viewers to visually comprehend and analyze the array of leading players in a specific technology field.
View some interesting Israeli companies, divided into fields of specialty:
Mobile TV & Video Solutions
RADVision develops rich media communications platforms and software development solutions. RADVISION offers IP communications products that support both voice only, and combined voice, video, and data communications.
Siano develops silicon solutions for the mobile market, tailored specifically for hand-held communications and entertainment devices.
Altair is a fabless IC company providing silicon solutions for the mobile broadband market.
Alvarion specializes in wireless broadband providing systems to carriers, ISPs and private network operators, as well as full GSM and CDMA specialized network solutions and cost efficient cellular mobile network extensions.
Home Networking - Wifi
Metalink develops silicon solutions for the broadband experience by facilitating the convergence of telecommunication, networking and entertainment. Metalink’s WLAN and DSL technologies
are designed to enable true broadband connectivity in every home.
Optibase develops broadband media gateways and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding and streaming platforms. The company’s products are geared towards the digital video networking and streaming over IP networks, enabling applications such as video streaming in the enterprise and TV entertainment over IP networks.
ECI Telecom specializes in integrated network solutions, and develops digital telecommunications and data transmission systems to network service providers.
NDS supplies open end-to-end digital pay-TV solutions for the secure delivery of entertainment and information to television set-top boxes and IP devices.
Comverse provides software and systems enabling network-based multimedia enhanced communications services.
Amdocs provides CRM and billing products and services to global communications service providers and enterprises, and business support systems for directory publishing companies.
Verint provides analytic software solutions for communications interception, digital video security and surveillance, and enterprise business intelligence.
NICE develops multimedia digital recording solutions, applications and related professional services for business interaction management, targeted towards contact centers, trading floors, air traffic control (ATC) sites, CCTV (closed circuit television) security installations and government markets.
Radware develops products that manage and direct Internet traffic among network resources to enable continuous access to Web sites and services, applications and content based on the Internet protocol.
Aladdin specializes in digital security, providing organizations with solutions for software commerce and Internet security.
Check Point develops Internet security solutions including Virtual Private Network (VPN) and firewall markets.
Flash Memory
M-Systems develops data storage solutions based on flash memory for markets, such as mobile phones, PDAs, set-top boxes, embedded systems, military/rugged applications, PCs and laptops.
Saifun provides IP solutions for the non-volatile memory (NVM) market.
VocalTec provides packet voice solutions for carriers and service providers.
AudioCodes enables the new voice infrastructure by developing Voice over Packet technology, products and Media Gateway system solutions to telecom and datacom network equipment providers and systems integrators.
Medical/Healthcare Mobile
Card Guard develops telemedicine systems and monitoring services for both high-risk and chronically ill patients, as well as for ordinary consumers of health products.